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And the first thing they said to me, we are taking of off all hormones.

And because I have done so much work in my books about hormones, and that hormonal balance is why people gain or lose weight, and, it was my belief that a balanced environment of hormones prevents disease.

SOMERS: But, you know, it was raining and February here, and it was cold and I was in morning and I live at the beach, and it's cold and I put a coat on. And then I thought maybe -- maybe you know, we all have a higher power that we understand, and my higher power as I understand it, maybe is pushing me before I'm ready to come out and say that I had breast cancer, and I think because of the -- the treatment that I have chosen for myself, against the will of my doctors, and that I really feel, I really feel that I'm licking this and I have found another medicine from Europe that when I started taking it, it was illegal here, but it's now just been legalized, but it's a homeopathic, but it's... I'm not telling anybody else to do this, but I found in the Burton Goldberg cancer handbook, Iscador chemo...

SOMERS: Because I'm not far enough away from it yet. And then John Ritter did some really low-class joke on the morning show, and Howard Stern just picked up on it, and each day it's like a stab in my heart. Now, I just want to say that this is what I'm doing for me.

(END VIDEO CLIP) KING: Is she laughing or heading to court? SUZANNE SOMERS, ACTRESS: Well, I saw the black and white fax of it, but I haven't seen it all in full color. But it just, you know -- I have had such an honest relationship with the American public.