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I noticed that many of the reasons he gives aren’t things that someone necessarily has control over. They’re not always a reflection on you or your worth, but on the other person’s issues.

Give yourself 22 minutes to read it (yeah, it’s that long) and then come back and let me know what you think. I hope it gives some encouragement to the people out there who are looking.

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Most of them are tagged all gold-diggers’ by the women of their age, their parents never approve.

In this case secrecy which is not a good thing, is the best option for them.

The ebook version, however, will be moving to, where you’ll be able to buy an updated Kindle version for a really nominal price (that means cheap).

I’ll be looking at an Apple i Books version as well.

The rules will always be made by her and she will decide when to meet, when to part and how the relationship should run.