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;)) and you have no way of knowing what's going through their heads.

But anyway, part of being on a message board or in a chat room is that you can be whatever, and whoever, you want to be. Good point about the name thing, I didn't think about that when I made it up! As far as the friend and I can ascertain, this guy was signing on in AOL under his girl name and just waiting for men to IM him.

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It wasn't something "pointless to share," it's a question, so I put it in here.

I'm not trying to be annoying, I really was curious if there's something to be worried about when someone does this stuff. A girl This is something that has also perplexed me.

Food for thought, Your Quadell The guy I mentioned in the OP was actually using a name like Lucious36B or something, to intentionally try to lure men into talking with him.

He told my girlfriend when she confronted him that it was just for fun, to get the "lured ones" to a certain excited point and then turn on them and dump them. But now I see that it seems to be a common occurrence, so I thought maybe I was overreacting. ;) A girl When I first heard about this I thought it was kinda weird, but lately it seems to me to be an accepted and rather prevelent phenomenon.

Because I think that if your friend's friend was pretending to be a woman in a sex chat room, then he was probably doing it just "for kicks", like he said, to see what would happen.