Text to fuck

You're going to hell for making people hope against hope. What would you think of someone who takes 10 full minutes to respond to their name?

You see the message, you start typing out a response, decide midway you'd rather not, and then never respond. That's what you seem like when you answer a text in 2 months.

But dude, even though I may not be running on a schedule as tight as yours, I happen to have a life too.

Text to fuck-12

Seru na tebe, seru na tebe tak tak moc Protože nenávidíme vše, co děláš A nenávidíme celou tvou partu, Tak prosím nezůstávej v kontaktu Seru na tebe, seru na tebe tak tak moc Protože tvá slova nenabývají smyslu A už se začíná připozdívat Tak prosím nezůstávej v kontaktu Užíváš, užíváš si toho, že patříš mezi pomalu myslící?

Chtěl bys být jako tvůj otec, Schváleno, jsi po něm No tak takhle to skutečně nezjistíš.

[x3] Cause if you like the way you look that much, Oh baby, you should go and fuck yourself.

I get how busy you are, how your life's totally happening, how you have a million parties to go - I get all of that.

You think you broke my heart, oh girl for goodness sake. But I've been so caught up in my job Didn't see what's going on, and now I know, I'm better sleeping on my own.