Tired of dating girls myspace

Being bisexual and open about it has been a weird ride so far.

S., complete with names, photos, dates of birth, email and IM addresses (when available), and more than a hundred other data points.

Cardillo took the 90,000 sex offenders who were removed from My Space and started looking for them on Facebook. I also have about 100 mugshots of sex offenders along with their corresponding Facebook profile names and pictures. A spot check of the mugshots, which are publicly available, matched names and photos in the National Sex Offender Registry.

John Cardillo is a former New York City police officer and the CEO of Sentinel, a security technology firm based in Miami which helps My Space, Bebo, My Yearbook, We Play, and other social networks identify sex offenders.

He goes so far as to call Facebook a “safe haven” for sex offenders.

Although they would have had to go to great lengths to do so (creating false profiles, culling all known information about these offenders, finding credible snapshots of the same people for their profile photos, setting up false e-mail accounts, and repeating the process thousands of times).