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You might use these guidelines when talking to your child’s K-3 teachers and use “The 10-minute rule” for your older kids: ~ Based on research done on homework and the benefits of play to her development, I will be forgoing homework this year so she has ample time for play.

~ I’m not going to require my child to do homework until 2nd or 3rd grade since there is no evidence that it benefits learning at this point and in fact detracts from what he will get from the same amount of playtime and family connection.

Competition in the science and math world has trickled down to “No Child Left Behind” requiring standardized testing, grading school performance, and competition for federal dollars.

Many teachers’ hands are tied by administrators focused on the success of the school.

Homework is being given in Kindergarten and even preschool. The case against homework is outlined in three books, (Kralovec and Buell, Bennett and Kalish, and Kohn), touting it as detrimental to a child’s academic success. al (2006) agree with Good and Brophy (2003) who have “…cautioned that teachers must take care not to assign too much homework.