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There is a temptation to spend a long time together on a first date if you really like each other. You don’t want to “satiate” your interest in each other and it’s a much better idea to keep the first date shorter (not longer than 2-3 hours) and want to see each other again than being tired of each other at the end of that date.

Too many guys become rude assholes once they see that a woman they are out with is not interested in them.

From there, you should go somewhere together (such as a walk in the park) where you could stand / sit close to each other and have opportunity to “accidentally” bump into each other and casually, lightly and innocently touch each other on arms / shoulders, etc…

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To do well on your first date, you must be INTERESTING to the woman you are out with.

Nodding at every single thing she and repeating “oh, yes, exactly, totally, I completely agree” is a sure way to bore a woman to death.

In order to do well on a first date, not only should you do certain things right, but it’s just as important not making the very common first date mistakes that sabotage your opportunity to develop attraction and have chemistry with the woman you are out with and who you find attractive and interesting.

Below, is a list of ten typical first date mistakes that many guys make on which almost uniformly turn women off and sabotage men’s ability to develop and interesting, romantic interaction with women.

Make sure you become aware and well familiar with the following points, so that you don’t make the same mistakes and make the most out of your first date with the women you meet.