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I’m swiping through profiles making split second decisions. This was my first experience matching (and unmatching) with a trans.

Within one millisecond I can determine if the first picture I see contains pixels arranged in such a way that makes my penis happy. It’s gone on to happen about ten times since then so I no longer freak out. At the time of this writing, it is still fairly common for a transgendered person to have the courtesy of some way informing you of their status before you actually meet them.

I will be honest here, if he was attracted to her, she probably looked like an average chick, except with a penis (trans women invest huge amounts of time and money into looking like most women; it makes us feel better and is, frankly, safer).

Like, people are attracted to overall appearances ( /- other factors), we aren’t attracted simply to genitals - I’m assuming your first date with him didn’t start with you asking him “I think you might be looking pretty hot, but, just so I can make the final decision, before we start this dinner, could you please show me your genitals so I can decide whether I’m attracted to you or not?

Hickerson later told police he and Ms Whigham had sex at the hotel before she told him she was transgender.