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Even if Song Shuhang had one hundred times his actual talent, he wouldn’t be able to learn it just by seeing and practicing it once.Moreover, before this, he had never laid his hands on any saber technique.

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Just like that, he, who lost control of his body’s momentum, ended up smashing into the incoming flaming waves of heat. Cultivator Sunflower’s huge body got cut in half, and was mercilessly consumed by the flames thereafter. Shuhang had a dizzy spell—he had used simply too much of mental energy.

At this time, Doudou suddenly appeared next to Cultivator Sunflower’s body, reached out his paws, and lightly tapped it.

As a matter of fact, an ordinary ‘Flaming Saber Technique’ would not have been able to raise the combat effectiveness of Li Tiansu, who had already condensed his Golden Core.

The reason why he kept this saber technique was in remembrance of his benefactor ‘Scarlet Heaven’, and also a kind of symbol of his aspiration.

If used well, it could produce extraordinary effects.