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This is a copy of a complete Fedora distribution where new software is added and tested, before inclusion in a later stable release.

As such, Rawhide is often more feature rich than the current stable release.

Upon the release of Fedora 7, the distinction between Fedora Core and Fedora Extras was eliminated. Red Hat's application for trademark status for the name "Fedora" was disputed by Cornell University and the University of Virginia Library, creators of the unrelated Fedora Commons digital repository management software.

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Fedora also provides users with an easy-to-use build system for creating their own repositories called Copr.

The Fedora AOS (Appliance Operating System) is a specialized spin of Fedora with reduced memory footprint for use in software appliances.

The name of Fedora derives from Fedora Linux, a volunteer project that provided extra software for the Red Hat Linux distribution, and from the characteristic fedora hat used in Red Hat's "Shadowman" logo.

Warren Togami began Fedora Linux in 2002 as an undergraduate project at the University of Hawaii, intended to provide a single repository for well-tested third-party software packages so that non-Red Hat software would be easier to find, develop, and use.

Fedora comes installed with a wide range of software such as Libre Office and Firefox.