Online real life cams - Updating flash graphics

I must mention that i got multiple graphic card crashes happening from time to time.But i was expecting a Win10 Update to fix the problem.which is "E;\" -Do you think i am on the Right track with what might cause the problem ?

As i booted it for the first time, There was an update right away to Windows 8.1.

After an update to Win8.1 a few monts after i got my computer, one of my games started to bug out, and i heard it might have been caused by the game itself being too old for the intel card which was too powerfull for it.

I have been Trying to contact support for the longest but for some reason, my SNID and S/N are never recognised...

Anyways, I have a AXC-605-EB31 which at base was Windows 8, Intel Core i5 processor 4440, Intel HD Graphics, 1TB Hard Drive, DDR3 Memory.

The parts of code that I don't put on are all about data processing for instance variables, if you need it,please notice me, much appreciate for help.