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“Put a human voice in your resume, tell human stories and don’t be afraid to use the word ‘I.’” Once you’ve scrubbed the clichés and zombie language from your resume, you’ll need to replace them with words that resonate with hiring managers.

Action words like achieved, improved, mentored, managed, and created are among your best bets, according to a Career Builder survey of HR professionals.

This is your chance to make it clear you’re a strong fit,” career strategist Jenny Foss wrote in an article for The Muse.

But that isn’t an excuse for your resume to look like a hot mess, either.

A sloppily formatted Word doc isn’t going to impress a potential employer. Use just one or two professional fonts (please, no script or Comic Sans) and break up big blocks of text by using bullet points.

Here are nine tips for updating your resume so you can get the job you want in 2017.

Unless you’re a designer, an unusual-looking resume can work against you since it seems to privilege style over substance, according to career expert Alison Green.

It’s easier to read and works well with online job application systems.