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Chelsea has recently spent million on road work “so there are only a few more roads that require a rebuild.” This rebuilding campaign caused “a major spike in investments, and now it (the question) is: How do we maintain and consolidate all that work going forward?

” In his Ottawa days, Kehoe was a frequent critic of then-mayor Jim Durrell, and was known for going through big-spending city projects and finding hidden expenses.

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In the next five years, the town expects revenue to be higher than expenses, which would allow it to pay down debt faster, she said.

The added revenue may also be invested in road repairs.

The town needs to do budget consultations with its taxpayers, he said.

“Based on my municipal experience in Ottawa, I think I can really bring a lot of value to people in Chelsea with regard to my understanding of the municipal process and how municipal issues should be managed.” Green said Saturday that Kehoe is wrong about the debt.

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