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In addition, if you have any subschemas (dependency schemas) that are referenced by the master schema, you must manually add those documents to the Dependency Schemas and DTDs section.

DTD documents referenced by the XML document must be present in the correct directory, otherwise the XML document will not be found during validation.

The library relies on the com.thaiopensource.validate. Validation Driver which supports a wide range of grammar types: ( at org.exist.xquery.functions.validation. Basic Function.eval(Basic at ...... The XML parser (Xerces) compiles all grammar files (dtd, xsd) upon first use.

Stream Source( at org.exist.xquery.functions.validation. Input Source( at org.exist.xquery.functions.validation. For efficiency reasons these compiled grammars are cached and made available for reuse, resulting in a significant increase of validation processing performance.

The validation of inline schemas is supported, however, as the schema will generally reside below the root element.