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His crew cut and dimpled smile would fit perfectly in an Abercrombie and Fitch catalog — if it weren’t for his sleeves of tattoos.

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Brett knows all the top Chaturbate models and analyzes their shows with the intensity of a film critic.

He’s even made a You Tube channel to share tips with potential cammers: Invest in studio lights, keep a consistent schedule and don’t text during a performance. He’d been waiting tables since he dropped out of nursing college in 2012, but the restaurant was going through a slow period and he needed more money.

He didn’t want to be a “starer,” his name for the many male cammers who silently gaze at the camera while listlessly jerking off.

“I was convinced I could do a better job right away,” he says.

“I treat everyone like I would at my table.” Within two weeks he had already built a healthy following.