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It’s peak brightness is at a level that has never before been seen in OLED 4K TVs and its color space coverage is second to none among all the OLED TV models.Additionally, LG has given the C7 a superior new smart TV platform and better than ever connectivity for gaming and other uses.

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All of the following 4K TVs deliver a native refresh rate of 120Hz and they all offer full support for judder-free playback of 24p movie content from all sources unless otherwise stated in their specific descriptions. LG Electronics C7 Flat 55/65 Inch 4K Ultra HD OLED HDR TV (2017 Model) Price: $2,797 – $3,997 4.6 – 103 Reviews Of all the 4K HDR TV ratings we’ve so far done for the 2017 lineup of 4K TVs, the C7 offers the single best combination of superb performance and excellent value in terms of price of all the new models and when compared to older 2016 4K HDR TVs.

As you’ll note, the 2016 E6 OLED from the same brand is right below this model but costs more than the newer C7 and this is only part of the reason why we’ve ranked the 2017 OLED in our top spot.

The Q7F is a great overall 4K HDR TV with the full range of high dynamic range color and contrast specs and also happens to be a downright fantastic TV for console and PC gamers, with excellent motion handling specs to boot, for both gaming and a wide range of movie/TV content types. However, where the Q7F does disappoint slightly is in the area of its peak brightness and contrast specs.

These are crucial aspects of HDR TV display performance and the Q7F falls far short of the 2016 SUHD TVs from this same brand in these metrics of visual performance.

The black levels, color performance, motion handling and connectivity (especially for gaming) features of this model are all superb and we describe exactly why we say this in our review of the model, which you can click to above with the blue button.