Who has george clooney dating

Don’t talk about your sexual exploits in public, and especially with other women.

We understand that just about every guy has an inclination to blab to his buddies about his most impressive conquests, but once you develop a reputation for being the guy who brags about knocking boots, women will be far less likely to go home with you.

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And you certainly don’t want to go out with guys who might embarrass you -- no wallflowers and no douchebags. Have integrity Over the years, Clooney has become a well-known activist; he speaks out on a number of political and social causes.

It's another dimension to the man, and it’s not unrelated to his sex appeal. Well, women count integrity among the qualities they most look for in a man.

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Any guy that wants to be more successful with women should start by being more like George Clooney.

And no, we don’t mean you need to get rich, make yourself famous or start being improbably handsome.