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But I got the publicity, then I came back with the music."To this end, he has just returned from a whirlwind publicity jaunt around Britain to promote his new single.

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Who is darius danesh dating

I'd heard he is keen on philosophy, so I ask him to sum up the philosophy of his music."That is a very interesting question," he says, looking disarmingly intense. I'm not sure if I can say."He is more used to being asked about his excruciating appearance on Pop Stars and why he was prepared to subject himself to such humiliation. While the first competition had sought to find a member for a pop band, this was for a solo singer, and Darius re-invented himself.

He shaved off his goatee beard on the advice of his seven-year-old brother, Cyrus; he dispensed with his famous ponytail; he exercised (slightly) more modesty and he made it to the final three."People thought I was mad to try again," he says, "but I didn't do it for fame.

Fair enough, but when Danesh first unveiled that gift to the public, the results were not entirely satisfactory.

He entered a television talent show entitled Pop Stars; he performed, as he describes it, "a risque" version of Britney Spears' Hit Me Baby One More Time (he sang it in an a cappella falsetto); he came up with some corny remarks about love and he was booted off in the final round. he went back to his course at Edinburgh University [where he was studying for a degree in English] and thought no more about it".

So famous that he was invited to grace the sofas of daytime television, and host a Channel 4 programme, To Die For, which relived the most excruciating musical moments on television, including his own.