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my sister and i danced like maniacs and i screamed I LOVE YOU!!! Taylor Swift is no stranger to fangirling (feel free to continue through this gallery for proof), but Tay seriously couldn't contain her excitement this time.when it got quiet and didn't really care who was looking BAHAHA. Last night, Taylor brought her 1989 World Tour to Montreal, and the cast of which is currently filming in Canada, stopped by to say hi, and she totally geeked out.5SOS are huge One Direction fans as well, and even wrote a song dedicated to 1D and sang it at their concert to thank the guys for all their support.

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It takes a lot to be honest with yourself and with the rest of the world. #goals" Gaga was totally touched by Tay's support, and she responded on Twitter saying, "Wow, you're a sweetheart! We all see that in you, your prince charming will come!

Left tonight's benefit with my heart filled with so much inspiration and a new outlook on how I wanna help others. " While we know Tay isn't looking for any Prince Charming at the moment, it's great to see these two powerful ladies supporting one another!

In the pic she shared, Keke is totally fangirling — literally clutching her chest with joy — as she greets the former Disney Channel star. Chance the Rapper definitely isn't too cool to show Taylor Swift mad love on Instagram.

First Anna notices just how close she is to Mariah, "She's two arm lengths away from me." Then she loses the ability to form sentences, "It's just the best glamorous ever. There's no grammar there." But when asked if she's ready to meet the singer, Anne becomes suddenly becomes shy: "She's now an arm length away. I'm going to meet her when the time's right."Watch the entire hilarious exchange in the video above.

He posted this pic of himself with Tay backstage at one of her concerts sharing in the caption, "Dear Taylor, Chicago loves you and you're welcome back anytime.