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Not only was she instrumental in creating a comedy scene that was not dependent on the rigid expectations of mainstream clubs, creating an atmosphere for comics to take chances, but she also helped redefine what standup comedy could be.

She’s always spoken honestly and intelligently and exposes her heart to the audience in a way that is funny and true.

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She quit drinking in 2001 with the aid of Alcoholics Anonymous.

By the middle of the decade, with work becoming quieter on the film front, Garofalo turned to finding a media outlet for her political beliefs and activism, hosting the liberal talk show producer Rob Cohen for 20 years—the result of an earlier ceremony at a drive-through chapel in Las Vegas.

In many of the recent articles written about Janeane Garofalo, they asked, “where has she been?

” and the answer is she has been out on stage, making audiences laugh and think with spot-on social commentary and intimate confessions.

Let me audition for that.' There's no reason why there has to be a specific gender for that part.