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The pimp room had oversize red velvet curtains and black leather sofas.

There were a few accessories that stood out--a giant "pimptionary," a dictionary of pimp terminology, and a video camera set upon a tripod.

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Who is method man dating

Although she was explicit about their trysts, she did not out Papa until years later where she revealed that Papa was rapper, Method Man.

About rapper Ice-T, Steffans writes, "We spent a lot of time at his office in Hollywood, where he had a "pimp room." The office was on the top floor of the building and it overlooked the city.

Steffans admitted that she was not physically attracted to Dr. She further admitted that she only liked him because of his power so she slept with him in Room 2257 of the Universal City Hilton.

She described how she felt nothing during the encounter until she thought about his resume and status.

They married soon after (even though it was not legal because she was a minor), and Steffans claimed that he wanted her to call him "Daddy." She later described in vivid detail how he physically abused and cheated on her, and a year after the birth of their son, Steffans left him.