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Okay, I might joke that it was Michael Bay (with me, all roads lead to Michael Bay), but really it was Channel Awesome. I could never have anticipated back in 2008 that decision to apply to be “Nostalgia Chick” would have such a profound impact on my life.

It's all kind of a balancing act; making viewers feel appreciated for their support, and maintaining a distance as well.

Distance is important; if you get too invested in every ...

Not quite – I’m not severing the site so completely and immediately.

The plan right now is to put up a few more videos with the site in the next month before we formally say goodbye.

But like any relationship at its end, we were moving in different directions, and at this juncture it’s for the best for both of us that we part ways. I made my full living off of online video from about 2011-2013, when I just got kind of burned out on it.