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Hopkinson's 1994 work, which is separated into chapters by ingredient headings such as Almonds, Duck, Lemons and so forth, was the outright winner.

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Being entrusted with this role is an honor and a huge responsibility.

And when he wheels out the celebratory roast chicken with bread sauce, best gravy and sausage and bacon rolls, featuring a bird that has been smeared with butter, squeezed with lemon and wet roasted for one and a half hours until its skin is crisp and golden like a St Tropez suntan, one understands why experts and industry insiders rate him as the best cook in Britain."I am absolutely thrilled, completely overwhelmed about the book winning this award," says Hopkinson, "but without blowing my trumpet, I always knew it was a good book because it had nice things in it which you couldn't help but want to eat. Sometimes I feel we have all but lost the grasp of how to cook nicely at all.

And as long as the recipes work, I knew it would be a useful book to have."In fact, recipes not working are one of the great bugbears in his life, along with sloppiness and culinary stupidity in general, even though he admits to making mistakes, "like everybody". There is nothing interesting about groundnut oil at all. Just not going to work," he says, padding around the kitchen in his shorts and sandals. Yet even dining out in restaurants can't give him peace. Sometimes, I think that there is something rotten in the state of the British kitchen."Hopkinson was born in Bury, Lancashire into a loving, middle-class family.

I have never been terribly good at thinking I am any good," he says.