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We wouldn't be able to complete the project because nothing would fit together properly.

Radioactive carbon, as mentioned earlier, forms in the atmosphere from radiation striking nitrogen, and that radiation is randomly introduced into the atmosphere. Also, I have had evolutionists personally tell me that it is impossible to know for sure because the earth's magnetic field fluctuation also effects how much radiation comes through the atmosphere, so there again, the constant for C14 in the atmosphere today is a complete uniformitarian assumption.

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At a certain point, the water level would stay in place unless we turn up the rate of water or plugged up the holes.

When the water reaches that steady state, it is called equilibrium.

Evolutionists will argue that these wild dates come from a phenomenon of "old carbon" in the water on the ocean floor, and that's a reasonable argument, but there's a serious logical problem with it that most evolutionists won't consider.

It is impossible for a scientists to tell if the samples they are testing have been contaminated from other sources of C14.

In addition, even if it were possible to test for a constant level of C14 in the air, it would not be possible to test and prove that all life had the exact same amount.