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This was a high-profile death case (as some of our cases are) and there was some press coverage.

The press reports suggested there had been a girlfriend. These revealed that the deceased had been living with his girlfriend at the date of his death and that she was also living with him at the time he completed the Expression of Wish form.

"Her teacher included her and didn't act like she was just something else in the corner," Sherry said.

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RELATED: Hospital fulfills sick boy's wish to become a police officer To help turn her dream into reality, Sherry asked Brad Paisley, Michael Ann's favorite singer, to send a message to her classmates encouraging them to get to know her.

He obliged and recorded a video that was played at a welcome back assembly the first week of school.

The mother confirmed she was not financially dependent.

The former partner confirmed that she personally was not, but her son was.

The former partner’s brother contacted us after the beneficiary award letter had been sent out awarding £40,000 to the son.