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I started off as a free member and because I was happy with the website I paid a one of payment for the year. I think anyone who gives a good review of this site is either desperate or has been paid to…Read Full Review I think that free dating websites attracting all sorts of people.Read Full Review Written on: 08/06/2016 This is the only dating site where I have friends who have actually met and married.

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Read Full Review Went out with this guy last year went out on quite a lot of dates even met his parents and he met mine because he wanted a relationship which I stupidly believed then 2 months later decides to not contact me ignoring my phone calls and texts very rude why can't guys these days if they don't want to go out with someone anymore they should tell them not dissapear so that the other person know what went wrong in the relationship so they can move on I really don't understand why guys do this to… If you're a guy, granted you could get lots of girls apprently saying they are interested or want to "meet you" or "finds you attractive" etc but it is most likely BS.

Because when you message the users that apprently want to meet you.

If the girls ain't actually interested, then why does POF lead you on. Read Full Review POF since being taken over by has seen a rise in the most unethical practices I've seen on a dating site were guys making out I'd said hello to them when I had done no such thing and wasting everyone's time.

I then decided to use POF forums BIG MISTAKE if you google POF forums you can read for yourself I've witnessed many many horror stories of personal information they have tracked down and spread over the internet which I thought was another user after much investigation I… Yes,there are some people with problems but I'm sure their alot of nice people too.

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