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The software update process will be the same, but you’ll need to take steps to ensure you don’t lose any website data in the process.All of your XAMPP website files live inside of the directory and determine which websites files you wish to keep.

Here are the steps to take to download all of the databases at once: Wait for the download to finish and then complete the same process for each database you wish to export.

If you aren’t sure which databases go with which Word Press website you can check by going into your website files in the directory tree.

The other versions are hosted at XAMPP’s Source Forge page, and you would only have one of those versions installed if you did so intentionally.

So if you aren’t sure which version you have, you probably have the installer version.

I am attempting to update PHP in XAMPP, the download doesn't come with an up to date version and I'd like to keep it easy to use, because of an environment that end users use.