Young people on dating sites

After 40 more minutes of virtual silence and him staring at my chest like a starving infant, he asked to drive me home. ' After exactly an hour and a half he announced the date was over. He did walk me to the subway but I never heard from him again, thankfully." "I met a guy on Ok Cupid that was cute enough, and he suggested one of my favorite wine and tapas bars in the city. I mean, how quickly do you think you could get pregnant?

Never date a cop." -Joanna, 30"We went out to dinner, and he kept saying over and over that he was so tired, and had to make it an early night. I apparently didn't read his profile thoroughly enough, and he started making really insane, ridiculous statements — and wasn't joking. I've spent a lot of time making sure I'm not fertile due to the miracle of birth control. Needless to say, I did not stop taking birth control and there was not a second date." "My date and I found that we had a mutual morbid interest in true crime stories.

As we walked out of the bar he appeared to be suffering from some sort of stomach cramp.

He told me he suffered from severe IBS and desperately needed a private bathroom.

After he had finished using the bathroom, he says, ' I know you said we could just be friends and that's fine. — I did not let him watch me pee." -Miranda, 33"I made reservations at a nice restaurant for a date with a woman I met online.